Secure Email Overview

What is Secure Email and why is it better than the conventional email clients? This topic discusses the basic details of the Secure Email app.

PGP encrypted email app

Secure Email is an encrypted email client, using the PGP protocol. The app is available to users on Android, Secure BlackBerry and Secure Group’s proprietary Secure Phone encrypted mobile device.

Furthermore, Secure Email is compatible with other PGP-capable email client applications. In this way, if you have used PGP-encrypted email services with another application, you might be able to move all your existing correspondence to Secure Email. There is a limitation, though: the complexity of the encryption keys in the legacy app must be compatible with the complexity of the encryption keys in Secure Email. Currently we use 4096-bit key size.

Basic feature list

Features of Secure Email include:

  • End-to-End universal PGP encryption
  • Complete Confidentiality – we do not store your secret keys and passwords
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Exchange
  • Exclusive Secure Sync – sync keys simply and securely between Android and PC
  • Email activated device wipe – protect your confidential communications and data even if you lose your device: just send an email with a specific password subject header
  • Advanced key management
  • Compatible with 3rd party keys
  • Multiple account support – apply granular settings to each account
  • Optional Contacts integration – integrate all contacts from your phone address book
  • Store encrypted drafts
  • Send and receive both encrypted and non-encrypted emails
  • Export application settings along with your keys
  • Compatible with Android 4.0.3 onward
Updated on September 21, 2017

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