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App Removal Tool on Secure Blackberry

The following article offers detailed info about the App Removal Tool on the Secure BlackBerry.

The BB App Removal is a very effective tool which performs anti-virus and anti-spyware tasks on Secure BlackBerry. It is yet another app produced entirely by Secure Group and naturally it is focused on security.

The app’s purpose is to remove potentially dangerous software that can compromise the confidential data on your phone. It ensures that custom software cannot access any information on your Secure BlackBerry device.

So you could simply say it is a tool which protects your device from unwanted software on the app layer. You can set App Removal to perform automatically or on demand (manually initiate the process).

Manual App Removal

In order to clean unwanted applications from your BlackBerry using BB Removal, please do the following:

  1. Launch the  App Removal Tool.
  2. Select at least one of suggested categories.
  3. Hit Delete applications to remove rejected applications of certain categories.

You can also use the Select all and Clear all buttons as shortcuts to make the selection and deletion process quicker.

When done, hit OK to finalize the selected app deletion.

Automated App Removal

By default automated app removal jobs are disabled. To set an automation for app clean-up, go to the bottom of the app “home” screen, as shown above. You have three options:

  • Never (default)
  • Every day
  • Every month

The rest of the process is pretty obvious: you can set app removal jobs to run on daily or monthly basis.


Updated on September 15, 2017

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