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Applications available on Secure BlackBerry

Secure BlackBerry comes preloaded with our apps for end-to-end encrypted communication – Secure Email, where you create your cryptographic keys, and Secure Chat. It also features applications that backup all your data, remove any third-party apps, clear logs, and, of course, wipe your phone.


This is a overview of the Secure Group apps with the “Secure Email Bundle” application group. Since it is the default one, the other variants are pretty much clones of it. Click here to learn what other application groups are available on Secure BlackBerry  

1. Secure Email

This app is a pre-requisite for all Secure BlackBerry devices. It communicates with the Secure Email’s PGP server to further encrypt / decrypt every email message you send / receive.

2. Secure Chat

Secure Chat is our secure instant messenger app. It uses Off-the-record (OTR) encryption and provides an incomparably higher level of privacy, especially compared to e.g. BlackBerry’s PIN to PIN messages.

3. My Account

Provides the end-user account info on the Secure BlackBerry device. Click here to learn more about My Account.

4. Secure Clear

Clears the device memory and event Log with one click. It helps boost the device performance and/or to prevent access to compromising information. Click here to learn more about Secure Clear.

5. Secure Backup

Creates backup of Secure BlackBerry contacts and stores them on the SD card in Secure Email. The end user can later restore some or all contacts. Click here to learn more about Secure Backup.

6. Secure Wipe

Quickly erases all confidential data on Secure BlackBerry. Click here to learn more about Secure Wipe.

7. BlackBerry App Removal Tool

Removes unsafe or irrelevant applications from your device at the Operating System level. Click here to learn more about the App Removal Tool.

Updated on September 18, 2017

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