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Application groups on Secure BlackBerry

This topic covers some aspects of the Secure BlackBerry management and the way to prevent apps from taking over your device. As you know, Secure Group has added some strict rules regarding Secure BlackBerry and the Application Group is yet another set of restricting definitions. And while IT policies pertain to hardware functionality on devices, the Application Groups concern app availability on Secure BlackBerry devices.

Application Groups for Secure BlackBerry

These are definitions applied on the app level of your Secure BlackBerry. In other words, each Application Group defines:

  • The apps installed on Secure BlackBerry devices
  • Whether the Secure BlackBerry user can delete apps

 Application Groups do not provide permissions for end users to install apps. This reflects Secure Group’s concepts of security on the app level of Secure BlackBerry devices.

Application Group Types

There are four Application Groups. One of these groups always applies to a Secure Blackberry device. SecureEmail bundle is the default one.

SecureEmail bundle

This is the default application group. IT installs all Secure Group’s apps except Secure Chat, and the end user may not delete any.

No Application

This group installs only Secure Email; the user may not delete it.

SecureEmail bundle Optional

It installs all Secure Group’s apps except Secure Chat. However, the user is allowed to delete apps.

SecureEmail bundle with Secure Chat

This application group installs all Secure Group’s apps, including Secure Chat; the user may not delete any.

Application Group Configuration 

Application group settings cannot be changed from the device itself. The change can only be applied through Secure Manager – Secure Group’s distribution network management platform. Only distributors and resellers of Secure Group products have access to the platform.

It is the role of a distributor/dealer to set the Application Groups. As an Administrator in Secure Manager, you can set Application groups when you:

  • create an account pre-activation
  • order a subscription – create the user account from scratch
  • access the “Management Аctions” for Active Secure BlackBerry subscriptions

The management action resembles that of changing the Secure BlackBerry IT policy in Secure Manager.

Updated on September 26, 2017

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