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What can I expect after updating to Secure Chat 2.0?

To date, Version 2.0 is the most significant upgrade for Secure Chat, adding voice and video calling, and introducing group chat.

This FAQ article covers general questions about the new features and capabilities of the  app as well as questions related to the merge of Secure Chat and Secure Voice, as the latter is being discontinued.

What is the best way to upgrade to Secure Chat 2.0?

1. Manually transfer your Secure Voice contacts to Secure Chat.
2. Update to Secure Chat 2.0.
3. Uninstall the Secure Voice app.
4. Log out, and then log in Secure Chat.

How long will Secure Voice be supported?

Secure Voice will be removed from Google play when Secure Chat 2.0 is launched. For Secure Phone users, Secure Voice will be removed from SAS and uninstalled from all Secure Phones 30 days after the Secure Chat 2.0 release.

What are the differences in contacts between Secure Voice and Secure Chat 2.0?

Unlike Secure Voice, Secure Chat uses the security concept of only allowing communication between approved and consenting contacts. Hence, contact requests must be approved prior to communication.

How to transfer contacts from Secure Voice to Secure Chat?

Because the process of adding contacts includes a request and approval, there is no automated way of importing existing Secure Voice contacts. Secure Voice contacts that don’t already exist in previous versions of Secure Chat must be added manually.

Is the new version of Secure Chat compatible with Secure OS and Android?

Yes, Secure Chat 2.0 can be installed on both Secure Phone and Android devices.

Can I use Secure Voice and Secure Chat 2.0 on one device?

Yes, you can. However, if both applications are logged in with the same user account, you will receive all calls on Secure Voice application, whether the call was placed from Secure Voice or Secure Chat.

Does Secure Chat 2.0 support video calls?

Secure Chat 2.0 allows you to switch to video during an active voice call. The other party will receive a notification that you’d like to add video to the call. They need to accept it in order to establish the video call.



Updated on September 20, 2017

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