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Configure IT Policies for Secure BlackBerry

This article will show you how to configure IT Policies in Secure Manager. IT Policies apply to Secure BlackBerry devices and you rarely need to change them.

Only administrative access in Secure Manager allows you to select or change IT Policies for end user accounts.

It is usually the distributor / dealer who sets the Application Groups. As an Administrator in  Secure Manager, you can set IT policies when you:

  • create an account preactivation
  • order a subscription and create the user account from scratch
  • access the “Management Аctions” for Secure BlackBerry subscriptions

IT policies for Secure BlackBerry

You basically apply one of six IT policies. Learn more about IT Policies here.

  • Default Secure Email policy
  • Secure Email policy with no PIN
  • Secure Email policy with no USB
  • Secure Email policy with no USB; no WiFi
  • Ultra Secure Policy
  • Ultra Secure Policy with weak password

Configure IT policies in Secure Manager

This short step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the simple process:

Step 1. Login to Secure Manager.
Step 2. Go to Menu > Services > My  Services and select the “Secure BlackBerry” tab.
Step 3. Find the username with the desired subscription and click to view its details.

Step 4. The details page for the selected subscription is displayed. Go to the Management Actions drop-down list and select Change IT policy.

Step 5. The “Manage product” page is displayed. Select IT policy of your preference (e.g. SecureEmail Policy with NO PIN) and click Save Changes.

You are done. Allow some time for the newly selected policy to be pushed to the chosen Secure BlackBerry device on the next sync.

Updated on September 14, 2017

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