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How to install Secure OS on selected hardware?

This article offers a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to install Secure OS on HTC One M8 and M9 devices. To install Secure OS means that you will replace the stock Android distribution with the Secure OS version of your choice. Actually, the installer does not give you the option to choose which Secure OS version to install, however, you can easily set that in an OS policy.

The installation process is similar and a bit simpler with LG Nexus 5/5X – the other supported devices for a Secure Phone upgrade. This is why no special article is dedicated to the Nexus models.

Installation prerequisites

In order to install Secure OS on your HTC M8, HTC M9, LG Nexus 5 or LG Nexus 5X device, you need:

  • SAS access to download the installer.
  • Windows PC to run the installer on (no other OS supported)
  • your device connected to your PC USB 2.0 port using its original USB cable
  • HTC devices need to be S-OFF

Download installer

  1. Log into SAS, and go to OS > Installer.

  1. Click to download the latest installer build and run the application.

By default, on Windows machines, downloaded files are located in the Downloads folder of your PC.

Run installer

Once launched, the installer will guide you through each step of the installation process. It includes a detailed log of all actions it performs and instructions for you what to do.

Installer properties

  1. Choose the installation location.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Plug the device (dev options enabled, USB debugging enabled) into your PC USB.

For guaranteed results, use your phone’s original USB cable and plug it into a USB 2.0 port.

Launch of the Secure OS installer

  1. Click on Flash device.

Here is the difference between the installer for flashing Secure OS v1.0 and Secure OS v2.0 on your device. With the new version installer, clicking on Flash Device button will bring up an updater login, asking you for your Secure Phone account and password as an extra validation.

Secure OS 2.0

S-Off required

If you get the following message at this stage, you need to S-Off your device.

  1. The process keeps rolling until a screen notifies you of the required install components.
    a list with needed install components
  2. Click Download + Update All File Dependencies: the application starts downloading and installing the needed files.
  3. When finished, the installer will notify you it is ready to begin the device flash procedure. Up to this moment, your device is with its previous installations. Click OK.
  4. Unlock the bootloader. The unlock process will begin automatically with the new version of the installer.
    If using an old version of the installer, follow the instructions

      1. Log in to HTC Dev. If you do not have a registered HTC dev account, then create it and log in.
      2. Click the Copy Identifier Token to Clipboard.
      3. Paste your ID token on the newly opened page and then Submit.
      4. Now enter the email address you used with your HTC Dev registration. You will have received an email with the following attachment: Unlock_code.bin file. Download it (in your Downloads folder) and then paste it on the respective web page as shown on screen.
        unlock bootloader of HTC M8 devices
      1. Click Next.
        The OS 2.0 Installer will automatically acquire the unlock_code.bin and apply it to your device. Proceed with unlocking the bootloader by choosing “yes” on the screen (via Volume+Power buttons).

  1. When your device reboots, it will prompt you to enable dev settings and USB debugging again. Click OK.
    Installer instructions for M9 configurations
  2. A new command prompt window will appear on display and perform the device flash. When ready, the device will boot, and the installer will display a new set of instructions for you.
  3. Again, you must enable developer options, USB debugging and RSA fingerprint authorization. Click OK to the intermediary pop-up notifications until the log displays the message for success.

Secure OS installation is complete!

  1. The installer finalizes the process and displays a message for a successful installation. You can choose to copy the log if you want to.

Secure OS 2.0 will also automate the installation process. It will, however, need to boot the device into Recovery mode in order to push the operating system. Follow only instructions from the Secure Group installer, and ignore any such instructions from the device recovery.

Once succeeded with the install, HTC M8/M9 reboots again and enters the Secure Phone account setup wizard. The installation of Secure OS on LG Nexus 5 is pretty much the same. It is a bit quicker since no special bootloader procedures are performed.

Secure Phone is now ready for enrollment. At this stage, you can turn off your Secure Phone device until needed. On next boot, it will enter the setup process again.

When you complete the setup process, the device will reboot into Secure OS, ready for action.

Updated on November 21, 2017

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