My Account on Secure BlackBerry

This topic reveals details of the My Account app for Secure BlackBerry, which allows you to perform the following actions:

 Access Account Information

  Access Support Information

 Create Encryption Keys

Before reading further, you might want to check our video tutorial for My Account.

Account information

Open the app and hit the My Account app icon. The following screen displays all the info a typical Secure Email account offers:

Support information

Here you will find your point of contact should you have any issues or questions about your account.

Key creation


This is an important step of your entire Secure BlackBerry setup process. If you bypass this step, you may not be able to enroll your BlackBerry device with your Enterprise PGP settings. Do not omit the process of creating your private key, and make sure you follow the instructions as stated.

To create your encryption key, perform following steps:

  1. Launch My Account.
  2. Scroll down to the Key Creation section and hit it.
  3. Type your passphrase in the Passphrase 1 text box. Make sure that your passphrase is long and complex, but easy for you to remember.
  4. Re-type your passphrase in the Passphrase 2 text box.
  5. Hit Create Key.
  6. After approximately a minute or so, a notification will notify you of successful key creation. Click OK.

Sometimes the key negotiation with the server might affect your Secure BlackBerry experience. A useful tip, especially when you change your existing private keys to ensure correct syncing with the server side is to remove your device battery and put it back on. This eliminates all incorrect key caching and is a workable solution for this occasion.

You have created your public key! You can now use it to sign and access your emails.

The next step is to enroll with your enterprise PGP server. Check the Getting Started guide for Secure BlackBerry for more information about the process.

Updated on September 26, 2017

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