Secure Backup on Secure Phone

The following article provides detailed info about the Secure Backup app on Secure Phone. To learn more about Secure Backup on Secure BlackBerry, follow this link.

What kind of data can I back up?

Secure Backup for Secure Phone provides encrypted backups for:

 Secure Email mailbox folders and encryption keys

 Secure Chat history and storage

 Secure Phone contacts

 Secure Notes memos

 Secure Pass passwords

 Secure Phone Settings


Backups are performed on the listed data sets only. It does not backup device storage, or create system images.

All backups performed by Secure Backup are password encrypted; one password is required for each of your backups. Rules can be set to schedule automatic backups and store them on the Secure Phone Administration System (SAS). Management and retention policies of backups are configured by the device administrator. Contact your administrator (or distributor) for more information on how to store and manage Secure Phone backups in SAS.

Follow the instructions to create a backup or restore your data after a Secure Phone wipe.

Check backup settings on start

First, and the really important thing you should do before creating any backup is to check your backup settings. To do so, open the navigation drawer and tap Settings.

Secure Backup Settings

Secure Backup is set to download and upload backups to the SAS using Wi-Fi, by default.  When creating a backup, you need to change these settings according to the Internet connection you use:

  • If you’re using mobile data to create the backup, disable both Use Wi-Fi only options.

Otherwise, the backup will be uploaded on SAS only when the device connects to a Wi-Fi network. If meanwhile, you wipe the device, you’ll lose your backup because it’s been stored only in the internal storage.

  • If you’re using wi-fi connection, don’t change anything.

Note that you can’t restore from a backup over a cellular Internet connection.

Create a backup 

If you’ve already adjusted the Secure Backup settings according to the type of your Internet connection, you’re ready to start creating the backup.

    1. Tap  to open the menu, and select Create; or tap  on the top right of your device screen.
    2. Make your backup encryption password (at least 12 characters).

      Create one you’ll remember because there’s no way to restore the backup without this password.

  1. Select the apps you wish to back up.

Create a backup

  1. Scroll to the bottom and make sure that the option to upload the backup to SAS is enabled. When this option is disabled, the backup is saved on your device’s internal storage and will be erased on wipe.
  2. Tap  at the top of your screen to save the backup.
Additional step when creating a Secure Chat backup

When creating a Secure Chat backup, you have one additional step on which you have to select app data to back up:

  • only the chat history
  • chat history and attachments

Tick both options to backup your Secure Chat history and data

Make your choice and tap OK to continue.

6. The Backup List screen appears with a success message.

Success backup


Restore data using Secure Backup

To access the backup list, go to Menu > Manage. The backup list appears with all your backups, latest on top.

Restore a backup


The highlighted blue icons on top show that your backup is saved on the device’s storage and SAS, respectively. The highlighted icons at the bottom show which apps are archived in the backup; tap for details.

To restore your archived data:

  1. Tap in the box of the backup you wish to import.
  2. Enter the backup password, and tick the app you wish to restore. Tap  to continue.

    Any backup can be restored only with the Security Lock that was used to create it. If you have changed your Security Lock since, you have to use the old one.

    Restore your backup


Additional step when restoring a Secure Chat backup

For Secure Chat backups, Secure Backup requests you to provide your:

  • your account password
  • your Security Lock for Secure Chat

Restore Secure Chat using Secure Backup


Enter both passwords and tap.

3. Secure Backup displays basic info for your backup.

4. Restart the apps to load a restored database.

Schedule your automated backups

To backup periodically, create a Secure Backup schedule by following these steps:

  1. Tap Menu > Settings and select Automatic backup settings. The configurations are the same as creating a once off backup, but with a schedule option.
  2. Tap Time Interval to select how often you want to schedule backups.

  1. Select the apps to back up from the list.
  1. As an optional step, scroll down to the bottom and disable/enable remote storage of your backup in the Secure Phone Administration System (SAS).
  2. Tap .

You can view the schedule in your Automatic backup settings.

Secure Backup Settings

You can only schedule one periodic backup. This means that when you go again through steps 1 to 5,  your new configuration will override the existing one.

Delete backups

The SAS storage limit per user account is 100 MB for all backups. That’s why at some point you might need to delete old backups. To do so:

  1. Go to Menu > Manage.
    The backup list appears with all your backups, latest on top.
  2. Tap in the box of the backup you wish to delete.




Updated on February 20, 2018

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