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Secure BlackBerry overview

Secure Blackberry is Secure Group’s hardened implementation of the BlackBerry mobile device. With communication privacy in mind, we minimized the attack surface of the original BlackBerry and made it much more secure. Simply put, we added a great level of security for all BlackBerry fans.

Multi-layer of granular protection

We profiled several sets of permissions and policies. Policies are configurations that specify a complex structure of different complementing layers of security. For example, policies define multiple levels of access to device and app features, depending on the needs of our end users.

Limited backdoor access

Secure BlackBerry comes with strict limitations as well. For example, you cannot use it for regular phone calls as with your conventional mobile. There is no encryption with mobile calls and they are fairly easy to intercept and eavesdrop. Regular text messages (SMS) are not permitted as well. Additionally, we do not allow browser connectivity on the handset. This is what reflects our concept for a minimal attack surface.

Secure communication

We give you Secure Email and Secure Chat as the most uncompromising communication channels. As stated above, voice communication is removed on Secure BlackBerry. You can always choose to use any other device for that. Let your Secure Blackberry be your handset for safe communication.

Secure Blackberry SIM cards

Secure Group provides special BES5 SIM cards which enable remote control over security vulnerabilities of regular BlackBerry devices. This allowed us to carefully examine a great deal of scenarios and deliver practically the best  to our end users. The Secure SIM card offers international mobile data plan only. No voice minutes come with that. Note that this mobile data service is also a great bargain offer to heavy travelers since it features some great global coverage with data roaming.

Updated on September 1, 2017

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