Secure Chat Overview

Secure Chat is feature-abundant instant messenger app that combines privacy and popular chat and voice calling features. The app is available for Android, and Secure Group’s line of robust mobile devices: Secure Phone and Secure BlackBerry.

Safe messaging

Secure Chat messages are safe using the OTR and OMEMO encryption protocols. The app provides all the chat features of popular apps, alongside options for strict and well-defined management to store your history. Also, only Secure Chat can access your history: it remains encrypted otherwise.

Designed to offer a greater level of security than existing communication apps on the market, Secure Chat provides 256-bit AES encryption. Secure Chat does not store any data sent through its channels.

Secure Calls

Secure Chat lets you make and receive ZRTP-encrypted VoIP (Voice over IP) calls and ensures true end-to-end encryption for your audio and video. It allows both parties in a call session to “detect” a MitM attack occurrence and verify the identity of the other party.

Encrypted File Transfer

One of the key Secure Chat features is the ability to share files securely. You can send and receive documents, videos and photos, each of them encrypted.

Updated on September 27, 2017

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