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Secure Email Account Settings

This article provides information about the options to manage the settings of your account or multiple accounts.


Accounts have separate settings. If you’re using multiple accounts with your Secure Email app, you change your settings separately for each of your accounts. 

Access your account settings

  1. Open the navigation menu, then and tap .Secure Email navigation menu2.  You profile screen appears, tap to see the full list of settings.
    The user profile screen

Manage your account settings

Manage credentials

The options in this section are policy-dependable. If permitted from the SAS, tapping on Manage Credentials will allow you to update, change or reset your account password.

Account settings

Composition Settings

  • Composition defaults
    In this section, you can customize the settings for messages. You can set up a signature, From and Bcc lines, as well as Canned Replies and Font Sizes.
  • Time Stamps
    Use the toggle switch to enable or disable adding timestamps to your reply or forwarded emails.

User Interface settings

  • Interface view
    You have three options to choose from:

Chat is the default interface view when launching the app for the first time; all emails with the same subject are organized in the thread, in a chat-like view.

All received messages are displayed in the Inbox as separate emails and ordered chronologically.

All messages from all folders are displayed in the Inbox, including Sent and Draft. Messages are sorted in date order, with the most recent shown in full detail. Tapping the Delete button in a thread deletes the entire thread.

  • Folders to display
    Check the folders that you want to be shown in the navigation menu. To change the folders order drag and drop the corresponding folder on the list.
  • Use names from contacts
    Use the recipient names from contacts in message lists and message details.
  • Adaptive reply option
    When switched on, it automatically replaces Reply button with Reply to all one in message screen in case there are multiple email recipients.

Notification settings

Account settings

  • Should notify
    Select this option to receive notifications by Secure Email. Deselect to disable Secure Email notifications: all other Notifications settings become disabled as well.
  • Sound notification
    Select this option, and your device will play a sound on each Secure Email notification. Deselect it to disable sound notifications.
  • Vibration
    Select this option, and your device will vibrate on each Secure Email notification. Deselect it to disable vibration on notifications.
  • LED notification
    Select this option, and the LED on your device will blink on each Secure Email notification. However, note that some devices do not have a LED indicator.
    Deselect it to disable LED notifications. Hence, the next setting: LED color becomes disabled as well.
  • LED color
    Select this option for different colors in the LED indication. Note that some devices do not have a multi-color LED indicator, and many others do not have a LED indicator at all.
  • Extreme notification mode
    Allows you to enable LED Flash for alerts

Synchronization Settings

Account settings

  • Sync primary folders only
    Select this option to sync only your Inbox and Outbox. As a result, all drafts and other folders will not be synced.
  • Background content download
    Select this option to specify your preference for downloading content while Secure Email is running in the background.
  • Auto download attachments
    Select this option to download attachments in received emails automatically. Be careful, some attachments might be harmful to the data on your device.

Security Settings

Account settings

  • Warn for untrusted keys
    When enabled, the app notifies you when the recipient’s key is untrusted.
  • Hide attachments name
    When enabled, the app replaces the original attachment name with Attachment.pgp.
  • Automatic send/receive receipts
    When on, the app will send read receipts when requested.
  • Automatic send device delivery receipts
    When on, the app will send delivery receipts when requested.
  • Hide original sender’s email on forwarded emails
    Disabled by default. Switch it on to hide the original sender’s email when forwarding a message.
  • Delete passphrase from cache

Manage Save path

Here you can specify where to store the received attachments. You can store encrypted and non-encrypted attachments on different locations.

  • Save attachments to
  • Save encrypted attachments to


Updated on March 9, 2018

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