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Secure Email – Quick Start Guide

Secure Email allows you to exchange encrypted emails using the PGP protocol. The app comes pre-installed on Secure Phone, the Secure Group’s proprietary line of smartphones.

This section will guide you through:

 Login process

 Creating an encryption key

Log in to Secure Email

You log in to Secure Email using your Secure Phone account username and password. Your credentials are prefilled. If you’ve just enrolled or wiped the device, tap LOGIN.

Set your Security Lock

Security Lock is the passcode you use to unlock the app after a timeout. It’s also required when you create new keys. Once you create your encryption key, you can use your Security Lock to encrypt/decrypt emails quickly.

  1. Choose the type from the following options:
  • PIN – at least four digits
  • Password – consists of numbers and letters, between 4 and 30 characters
  1. Enter your Security Lock and re-enter to confirm it.
  2. Tap done.
  3. Tap Set.

Security Lock takes effect immediately.

Create a key

When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to create of import a key. Although you can omit this step and do it later using the Key Management menu, we strongly advise you to create your keys at the very beginning. They are used to encrypt and therefore protect the contents of your email.


Without keys you will be able to send only non-encrypted messages and the received encrypted emails will be unreadable.

Let’s start!

  1. On prompt to import or create a key, tap Create Key, and then tap OK.
  2. Set an expiration date for the key pair.
    Creating a key
  3. Enter and confirm a passphrase for your key, between 8 and 32 characters
  4. Enter your Security Lock. This is the shortcut to your passphrase and allows you to encrypt and decrypt emails quickly.
  5. Tap to continue. When the key is generated, the icon next to your profile picture gets colored in green.

The newly created key will be used to encrypt and decrypt all incoming and outgoing emails with this particular account. Now that you have it, you can start using it to send and view encrypted emails.


You can send or receive an email without having any contacts added to your Secure Email address book. However, it will be much easier for you to manage your correspondence if you have contacts stored. Learn here how to add contacts to the Secure Email app.

Send and read encrypted emails

Once you create your key, you can send an encrypted message right away.

Send an encrypted email

  1. Go to Menu > Inbox, and tap .

Compose an encrypted email

  1. If you have an active key, the option to send encrypted email is enabled by default. The encrypted emails are indicated with a blue padlock . If the padlock is gray, you need to enable the Sign and Encrypt option (tap in the Additional settings block). The red color means you don’t have a key.

Sign and encrypt

  1. Write your message and tap . To encrypt the email, you have to enter your Security Lock or passphrase in the panel that appears.

Enter your Security Lock to encrypt the email

4. When ready, tap OK.

Read an encrypted email

Secure Email notifies you about each email you receive. On an attempt to open it, you will be prompt to provide either your passphrase or Security Lock. In case you don’t, the message’s text is seen as a promiscuous string of letters, symbols, and numbers. 

Next steps

Now you can send and read encrypted emails. We have several more tutorials that you can look at to learn more. If you are a first-time user see Adding contacts to Secure Email and Manage email messages.

Updated on March 1, 2018

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