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Secure Firewall on Secure Phone

Secure Firewall is a firewall app that monitors the network traffic and connections on your Secure Phone mobile device. It serves as an informative app: it does not provide controls to change configurations or policy chains.


In simple terms, Secure Firewall allows you to:

 Monitor the IP addresses and ports for outbound and inbound connections per app

 Monitor IP tables with policy chains to allow or block traffic

  Monitor the logs of your connections

The app is more or less for advanced techies. Unless you are familiar with firewall applications, you might find the app info complex and too hi-tech.

Get started

Upon launch, Secure Firewall displays the “Ports” tab. This tab contains the list of all your apps with open connections.


In order to see all connections per app, tap its icon to expand a panel with additional info menu.


IP Tables and Logs

The “IP tables” and “Logs” are suitable for more advanced users. IP tables display the chains (firewall rules) of your Secure Phone. If you’re familiar with firewall logs, you can always check out the “Logs” tab.

Updated on September 25, 2017

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