Secure Guard on Secure Phone

Secure Guard is the antivirus service on your Secure Phone. It serves a simple but powerful function: it performs integrity checks on Secure Phone devices and scans known attack surfaces of Secure Phone.

The service constantly seeks errors or traces of security exploits on the device and immediately reports everything suspicious to the Secure Phone Administration System (SAS). It also searches for possible rootkit installations on your devices.

How it works

The Secure Guard service runs in the background. This means that there is no app and user interface for you to interact with. As an end user, you can only see the status of your device.

View your device status

To view the Secure Guard status, swipe to the right from the home screen to access the device Status Screen. You will recognize the icon with its bars constantly flashing to notify you of your current Secure Phone device status.

Secure Phone's homescreen


Secure Guard requires Internet connectivity in order to operate correctly.

Whenever you suspect malicious software installations or other vulnerabilities that go undetected, please contact your Secure Phone administrator.

Updated on September 26, 2017

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