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Secure Manager glossary

A quick-list of terms you will encounter across the Secure Manager screens:

Term Description
1. Activation code Activation codes are considered as part of the Secure Phone product line. When you purchase a code for Secure Phone, it allows your end user to create an account to “self-enroll” the device on initial setup; and self-activate their subscription.

The activation code servers two important purposes:

  • it removes the need for you to create the end user  account during the ordering process
  • and ensures that the end user controls when the subscription starts
2. Client area (LAS) The Client area is an obsolete term for the Secure Manager. LAS (License Administration System) is another alias of the Secure Manager.
3. Dashboard This is the Secure Manager Home screen. The dashboard provides a quick overview of all your current  subscriptions and service statuses, as well as convenient shortcuts to respective services with selected statuses.
4. Domains The very same meaning as with any domain, like yourdomain.com. The idea for you to purchase domains in the Secure Manager is to dedicate it to a group of accounts. Every account name is an email address with the domain you select. Thus when you purchase domain, you can create accounts (respectively, email addresses) using your domain.

Secure Manager allows you to purchase a new domain; or transfer an existing (already purchased) domain.

5. Invoices Each subscription to a service you purchase has an invoice attached to it. Each invoice has a Due date for payment; and a grace period for payment after Due
6. Notifications All your actions in Secure Manager: orders, management actions, domain transfers, etc. are listed in a notifications queue. You can view your queue in the top right corner of the Dashboard.
7. Preactivation A preconfigured account for Secure Phone and/or Secure BlackBerry subscription. When you make an order, you can use the preactivation for the account you purchase. Obviously, you must have preactivations prepared prior to subscription purchase.
8. Products / subscriptions These are all the product types you can purchase in the Secure Manager:

  • Secure Phone
    • Devices
    • Subscriptions
    • Activation codes
  • SIM card subscriptions (optional for Secure Phone)
  • Secure BlackBerry
    • Devices
    • Subscriptions
    • SIM card subscriptions
  • Secure Pack subscriptions
  • Domain names
9. SAS The Secure Administration System (SAS) is the backend component that allows you to remotely configure and manage Secure Phone devices and accounts.

The Secure Manager also allows you to perform management actions: however SAS controls what’s on the Secure Phone device, whereas the Secure Manager management actions pertain to subscription management mostly.

10. Secure Manager Shop The product selection and purchase wizard in the Secure Manager.
11. Subscription status Every type of subscription may pass through several statuses.

  • Active
  • Suspended
  • Terminated
  • Cancelled
  • Pending
  • Deleted

All subscriptions in Active status are the ones currently in use by your customers.

12. Tickets Secure Manager comes with a support portal for your convenience and troubleshooting. You can view your notifications
13. Visibility Groups This is a way to group Secure Phone accounts. Visibility Groups allow bulk management of some (or all) group member devices. You can manage Visibility Groups in SAS; however you assign a Secure Phone account to a group upon the subscription order in Secure Manager.

Looking for a term you couldn’t find in the Glossary? Please, write us in the comments section and we will add it here.


Updated on September 28, 2017

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