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Secure Manager overview

Secure Manager is a web-based backend module which allows purchasing, renewing and managing subscriptions to the Secure Group products: Secure Pack, Secure Phone, Secure Blackberry, and Secure SIM cards.

It combines the functionality of:

  • an online store: it allows you to purchase subscriptions to all Secure Group products
  • a Billing System: you can transparently manage all payments for all subscriptions
    an administrative (management) panel: easily manage configurations of all your purchased products

Secure Manager serves and aids our distributors and their resellers, end users can’t access it. As our encrypted communications products are perfect solutions for enterprise privacy, Secure Manager is the tool that allows centralized management of the subscriptions. Therefore, distributors need to enter Secure Manager in order to:

  • Purchase and activate subscriptions of end users subscriptions
  • Manage configurations of the offered services
  • View and access all subscription payments: previous and upcoming

If you wish to become a distributor, contact us. For more info on the benefits of being a Secure Group distributor, visit this link.

How to access Secure Manager?

You can access Secure Manager in your web browser, like any other web page. And, as with all billing systems, you need to have an existing user account.



Updated on September 28, 2017

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