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Secure Phone overview

Secure Phone is a smartphone platform that offers protection to mobile communications on multiple levels: device, OS, apps and, most importantly, communication. The solution incorporates recommended mobile security practices and open-source encryption protocols and standards.

As with any modern mobile devices, Secure Phone consists of the following components:

  • Device (hardware)
  • OS (operating system)
  • Applications

To complete your mobile experience, you can subscribe for a Secure Group SIM Card with unlimited global data coverage.

All of the components can be controlled and configured through our web-based portal – the Secure Administration System (SAS).


SAS is not available for all Secure Phone users, but only to Power Users and Administrators.


Secure Phone runs Secure Group’s proprietary version of Android – Secure OS, installed on four commercially produced Android devices:

  • LG Nexus 5X
  • LG Nexus 5
  • HTC One M9
  • HTC One M8

We have vetted and chosen these devices because the bootloader can be locked. This is vital for preventing unauthorized software installation before system boot.

Secure OS

Secure OS is our customized version of Android with privacy in mind. No tracking, no uncontrolled syncing or updating, no social services, no push notifications, no Play Store, we stripped down all Android services we found as a possible threat; and compiled a robust and complete system to serve all needs a smartphone user might have.

Secure Application

Smartphones nowadays come with various bloatware installed. Secure Phone offers none. We have developed the Secure apps and surrounding services to ensure that you get everything you need on a smartphone. Not only that, we have limited the ability to install third-party applications. This helps protect privacy on the application layer. Follow this link for a complete overview of applications available on Secure Phone. 

Secure SIM card

This is a special SIM card offered by Secure Group that features worldwide mobile data coverage. Using this SIM card is optional, but highly recommended. Follow this link for a complete overview and data coverage of Secure SIM. 


Secure SIM does include calls and texts. While it is possible to use the Secure Phone as a regular device, it is not recommended. Alternatively, you can use Secure Chat for encrypted VoIP calls and messages.

Secure Administration System

The Secure Phone Administration System is the administration backend panel which allows management and control of single or multiple Secure Phone devices.

Usually, it is appointed administrators or a Secure Group distributors who manage fleets of Secure Phone devices through SAS. In rare cases, Secure Phone users are granted access to the administrative panel as well; such users are called Power Users.

SAS provides configurations on all levels:

  • Device – available hardware you are allowed to use, e.g., camera, USB, etc.
  • OS – OS versions, syncing with server
  • Applications – install and uninstall apps
  • App settings availability – features in Secure Group’s apps

Next Steps

Now you know what Secure Phone is and which are its main components. Check the Secure Phone quick start guide to learn how to configure the device with your account.

Updated on September 27, 2017

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