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Secure SIM overview

Secure SIM cards are the SIM cards provided by Secure Group to complete our concept for truly safe encrypted mobile services. There is a fine line between “safe” and “unsafe” in terms of conventional mobile communications. To put it simple and straight: there is nothing safe about regular mobile connectivity.

Regular mobile connectivity vs security

This term refers to pretty much any service you connect to any mobile operator across the globe. At Secure Group we know that regular voice minutes and text messages are not to be considered as safe: there is no encryption applied; government agencies claim access to personal data, and so on. We cannot prevent it: but what we have done, was to minimize the attack surface that regular mobile services offer.

No regular voice calls and messages

We do not recommend regular voice calls and messages (SMSs). Alternatively, you should take advantage of an encrypted chat and VoIP service such as Secure Chat, or a encrypted email service such as Secure Email.

Mobile data connectivity only

Data connectivity provides the means to add all these encryption technology and concepts. This is why we completely deny the use of voice and text; but prefer data connectivity; however carried out in a more strict way. So, do not mistake “data connectivity” for “browsing the Internet” in any way you like to; but more as a way to limit unwanted access to your personal communication.

SIM cards for Secure Blackberry and Secure Phone

We offer BES5-capable data-only SIM cards for Secure Blackberry; and data-only SIM cards for Secure Phone. So these are basically the two types of SIM cards we offer. While Secure Blackberry SIM cards are mandatory for your device enrollment; Secure Phone can work just as fine without a SIM card (on Wi-Fi connectivity only). Theoretically you might attempt to use Secure Phone or Secure Blackberry with third-party SIM cards. However Secure Group does not recommend you to do that.

Global Data Coverage

For a complete list with the countries where the Secure SIM mobile data is available with Secure Phone and Secure BlackBerry devices follow the respective links.


Updated on September 26, 2017

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