Secure Wipe on Secure BlackBerry

The following article discusses the key features of Secure Wipe on Secure BlackBerry. An app that lets you easily erase all confidential data from your handset and supplementary media card (if you are using one).

To put it in simplest words possible: Secure Wipe performs a deep format on your device storage and SD card.


Secure Wipe does not perform a conventional factory reset on your device: it simply wipes device data in a reliable way. This means that after a secure wipe, you will not have a factory-reset non-secure device as if you just bought it from the store, but a data-free secure device.

Data deleted with Secure Wipe

  • Personal data

You delete everything: your account data, your history, contacts, pictures and other media, inbox, outbox and other email folders on your device.

  • Personal metadata

You also wipe logs – and pretty much everything that could be used to track you down.

  • Encryption keys

Some might consider this as an inconvenience; others can see the security benefits of it. But there is no compromise on the Secure Wipe: you also lose all your encryption keys.

Erase data with Secure Wipe

The app provides a very simple and clear user interface. You do not have to know or do anything other than to tap/click the Start Wipe button.


After you perform a Secure Wipe, your BlackBerry device gets you to the device enrollment process as described in the Secure BlackBerry Quick Start Guide. Note that your SD card is also wiped.

Updated on September 26, 2017

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