Secure Wipe on Secure Phone

You delete Secure Wipe performs a deep format on your device storage. On Secure OS 2.0 devices, Secure Wipe will also erase the data on the supplementary media card if you have selected to use it as an “Internal storage”. The card will NOT be wiped when “Portable storage” is selected. On devices running Secure OS v1.x, Secure Wipe erases only the internal storage.

Secure Wipe does not perform a normal factory reset on your device. This means that after a secure wipe, you will not have a factory-reset non-secure device as if you just bought it from the store, but a data-free secure device.

Data deleted with Secure Wipe

  • Personal data: your account data, your history, contacts, pictures and other media, inbox, all email folders on your device.
  • Personal metadata: logs and pretty much everything that could be used to track you down.
  • Encryption keys

Erase data with Secure Wipe

  • On devices running Secure OS v2.1.0 and below, Secure Wipe appears as an icon on the Home screen.
    The app provides a very simple and clear user interface. You do not have to know or do anything other than to tap the Wipe button and roll along.

  • On devices running Secure OS v2.2.0, Secure Wipe is accessible only from the Emergency Center. Then, you need to slide right to start the wipe process.

Emergency Center

After you perform a Secure Wipe, your Secure Phone gets you to the device enrollment process as described in the Secure Phone – Quick Start Guide.

Updated on December 19, 2017

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