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Access and use shared media and files

How the application handles the exchanged files?

For security purposes, Secure Chat doesn’t store any files in-app. Instead, it helps you to locate shared files quickly by listing them in “Shared Media and Files” folders. Such folders are created on two levels – per account (contains all the transferred files through the application) and per chat (contains all exchanged files within a chat).

Access shared files

  • To access all shared files through the app, go to Menu > Settings > Account. Tap Shared media and files to open the folder.

Account Settings

  • To access the exchanged files within a particular chat, open the chat screen and tap on top right. On the Options menu, tap Shared Media and Files.

Select Shared Media and Files to access all the files exchanged with the chosen contact

Managing shared files

The files in the Shared media and files folders are ordered by date, and you can perform some basic actions on them.

Basic operations

  • Search for a file – tap .
  • Filter by typetap at the top of your screen, and select the desired file type to filter out results/files displayed.
  • Delete, Forward or Extract  tap , and select the corresponding option from the drop-down list.
    The same three options are also accessible by long-pressing the file name.



Clearing the chat history results in deletion of all files exchanged within a selected conversation. Also, deleting chat history from the History Settings will lead to erasing some or all content of the account’s Shared Media and Files folder. If you have not extracted the shared files, you will lose the physical files as well.

Supported file types

Bear in mind that you can open only the files in supported formats. Secure Chat supports photo, video, and audio files. Therefore, if you receive a file of an unsupported type (e.g., txt, docx, .xlsx) it will be listed in the Shared Media and Files folder, but you can not open it: you must extract your files and thus decrypt it for further use. To do so:

  1. Save (extract) the file on your device.
  2. Choose a location to store the file and tap at top right.
  3. After saving the file, exit Secure Chat and go to the file location.
  4. Choose an application to open the file with.


Updated on February 20, 2018

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