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View your Secure Phone configuration

The software and hardware availability to users on Secure Phone are defined through sets of policies. Each mobile device is configured with such policy sets. Secure Phone has a built-in app, called Policy Manager, that shows what policies apply to your device.

To access it:

  1. On the Home screen, swipe to the right to open the Status Screen.
  2. Tap Policy manager.

The app includes several tabs:

  • Account info: displays basic account & support contact info
  • Device policy: shows which device components and settings are permitted or forbidden to use on your device. Also, this tab lists the configurations for device syncing and device locking. That’s the place you can find all the information about your account, encryption and lock passwords.
  • Application policy: shows the list of installed apps, their settings and the restrictions on their feature’s usage. For example, here you can see whether you have permission wipe your Secure Phone through Secure Email and Secure Chat.
  • Device info: displays device and network connectivity info
  • SIM info: shows the SIM info that cell towers request from you

Click here to learn more about Policy Manager and Secure Phone policies.


All policies are configurable in SAS. The Policy Manager app only allows you to see what settings apply to your device. If you like to change a policy, contact your device administrator.

Updated on September 26, 2017

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