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7 ways to wipe your Secure Phone

Rarely would you find someone advertising a multitude of ways to wipe your smartphone. However, this is one of the features that help Secure Phone remain on top of the list with secure mobile devices.

This article includes explanations on the ways a Secure Phone user can wipe their device.


Be careful when erasing your sensitive data. Secure Group strongly suggests you create backups of your info and contacts. If you do not have any backups, you end up with a completely reset Secure Phone; and there is no way to retrieve lost data.

Secure Group is not responsible for your lost data and does not possess nor provide any means for getting it back. We have given you all the tools and options you need to wipe your Secure Phone. And it’s all under your control. Please, read on carefully and learn how to have this control customized to your needs and expected scenarios.

On-site wipe

There’re five ways to initiate wipe from a Secure Phone device:

  1. Incorrect input of encryption password
    The number of incorrect inputs is configurable in SAS. No matter if it is you; or the adversary attempting to decrypt your device storage, when the number of invalid decryption attempts is reached, Secure Phone begins the wipe process.
  2. Incorrect input of lock device password/PIN
    As the unlock password/PIN protects your encrypted data, exceeding the limit for incorrect inputs results in Secure Phone Wipe.
  3. Using the Secure Wipe app
    The Secure Wipe app is created exactly for deep-wipe your Secure Phone data. All you have to do is open the app and tap the Wipe button.
  4. Duress wipe
    The Duress wipe is used to stealthily erase all data just in front of everybody. To do so, you just have to enter your duress password instead of your encryption password when you start up your device. The duress password is set by your SAS admin.
    This feature is policy-dependable. You can check if you have permission to use Duress password here.
  5. Attempt for device enrollment with your account on a different device

User-initiated remote wipe

You can enable another Secure Phone or a Secure Chat user on an Android device to wipe your device remotely.

  1. Remote Wipe Email in Secure Email
    Receiving a “wipe” email in the Secure Email app will erase all Secure Phone data. This email must be sent from an authorized contact and contain as a subject a wipe password, that is preset by you.
    Follow this link for more info in the Secure Email user guide.
  2. Remote Wipe message in Secure Chat
    An SAS administrator configures Secure Chat’s Wipe feature. It allows you to erase the device data remotely on receiving your wipe password as a text message.
    Usually, the SAS administrator sets the users’ wipe passwords. To see it, go to Policy Manager > Application Policy. Locate Secure Chat and tap next to the app version.

    In this case, the wipe password is “qwerty,” and the wipe message is “WIPE qwerty.”


If you have permission to set a wipe password on your own, follow this link to learn how to do so.

*The usage of Wipe features in Secure Email and Secure Chat are policy-dependable and you may not have permissions to use them.

Backup your data

As we have always emphasized, Secure Group does not collect your information even when you entrust us with your backups. In fact, Secure Phone backups are encrypted, and we cannot access them, nor would ever care to do so. But to have Secure Phone up and running as soon as possible is something not worth missing. Therefore, we always recommend you to perform a scheduled (automatic) backup; or regularly make backups manually.


Updated on November 7, 2017

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