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How do I change a contact’s name in my list?

In Secure Chat and Secure Email, you can change the way a contact is displayed in your contact list. The changes will be applied only to your contact list, not theirs.

To change a contact’s name:

  1. In the Contacts tab, long-press on the contact whose name you want to change. Then, select Edit Contact.

Long-tab on a contact to access more options

  1. Tap to view the contact’s first name and last name, then type the name you want to be displayed and tap the tick button.

Open the contact's profile to change their display name.

You can optionally enter additional information in the Nickname field to help you identify the person. The info here will be visible only to you when you go to the contact’s profile.

Nickname is an additional info field, visible only to you.

3. Tap to confirm the changes.
The contact’s name is updated in your contact list.

In Secure Chat, you can also change your display name. Click here to see instructions.

Updated on March 9, 2018

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