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How to create a key in Secure Email?

A short, one minute process is necessary to secure your messages using PGP.  For that purpose, you need a public and private key pair to encrypt and decrypt your email messages.

Secure Email will automatically start the process to associate your account with a key pair upon first application launch. You will be prompted to create a key pair or import an existing one. Select the Create Key option and follow the prompts.

You'll be prompt to create your key right after signing in to the app.

In addition to setting up your first set of keys, you can also create new keys upon demand from within the Secure Email application. To do so:

  1. Tap to open the navigation menu.
    The navigation drawer
  2. Select Key Management.
  3. Tap Create Key.
    Key Management menu
  4. On the New Key screen, set the key expiration date.

New Key form

  1. Type your Passphrase, a complex password which is used to create your PGP encryption key pair.
  2. Enter your Security Lock.
  3. When ready, tap in the top right corner. It will take a minute for the application to create your key pair and upload the public key to the keyserver.

A success screen will appear upon successful upload of the public key. Your public key is now available on our keyserver, allowing other Secure Group users to receive your encrypted messages. Your secret key remains with you, ensuring only you can decrypt messages sent to you.

Updated on March 9, 2018

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