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Troubleshoot Security Lock in Secure Chat

Security Lock is a passcode used to unlock the app after a timeout and encrypt/decrypt app data (history and attachments). It replaces Security Password, with the only difference between two being that setting the Security Lock passcode is now mandatory and it’s part of the initial app setup.

New users will be asked set their Security Lock just after signing in to Secure Chat. For existing users, the change will take effect after updating the app to v2.1.0. As this is a significant change for our existing users, this article aims to ensure the smooth transition to Security Lock functionality.
There are two scenarios you can encounter after updating to Secure Chat v2.1.0.

Scenario 1: You have a Security Password already set

In this case, you don’t have to do anything. After installing the new version, your Security Password will be just renamed to Security Lock. The previously set auto-lock timeout won’t change. You can continue using the app the same way as you did before the update.

Scenario 2: You haven’t use Security Password before

In this scenario, your app database is encrypted with your Account password. After updating to v2.1.0, the app will prompt you to set your Security Lock. Once done, the app database will be re-encrypted with your Security Lock, which also becomes your app lock password. Therefore, it’s requested on each sign-in to the app to decrypt its database, as well as on each app unlock.

Enter your Security Lock to access the app


Note that after 10 incorrect inputs of the Security Lock passcode, the app data will be wiped.


Updated on November 2, 2017

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