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How to use Walky-talky and Push-to-talk

Secure Chat offers some unique and cool features to enhance your smooth messaging experience. The features many like to use are the abilities to:

 send and receive audio clips (also called Push-To-Talk or simply PTT)

  auto-play audio clips (Walky-Talky mode)

Push-To-Talk in Secure Chat

Secure Chat uses your device storage to save the incoming and outgoing audio clips; and keeps them encrypted: you cannot play an audio file produced in Secure Chat outside the app.

To enable (or disable) PTT, go to Settings > Messages and have Push-To-Talk selected.

PTT and Walky-Talky settings

Record and send an audio clip

  1. On the Chat screen, long press : you can see a countdown begins.
  2. Keep the button pressed and start talking. You have 15 seconds to record your voice clip. When you release your finger, voice recording stops; and the clip is automatically sent.

You device mic will record your voice, Secure Chat will store it encrypted on your device; and push it to your selected contact.


In order to send a voice clip, your recipient must have the Push-To-Talk feature enabled on their side.

Receive an audio clip

You will instantly receive each audio clip a contact sends to you. By default, Secure Chat does not play your audio clips: you can do so manually by tapping the selected message on your Secure Chat screen. If you want the app to play automatically, you must enable the Walky-Talky mode.

Auto-play an audio clip: Walky-Talky mode

You can configure Secure Chat to play your incoming audio messages automatically. This means that voice will be played the moment you receive the entire audio file.

To configure auto-play for voice clips, go to Settings > Messages and select Walky-Talky mode.

However, it is not entirely comfortable to just have this option on. The reason is that, by default, the audio will be played silently in regular speaker mode and not in speakerphone mode.

Turn your device into a Walkie-Talkie

Secure Chat brings the PTT feature to a higher level, providing you with the option to auto-play incoming audio. Technically, Walky-Talky is just a media playing mode: it partially gives the experience similar to using a walkie-talkie; but conceptually it is just audio auto-play.

In other words: when you have Walky-Talky mode on, any incoming audio in Secure Chat will be played automatically. But… there is a catch: it will do so only when the open chat is on focus. When Secure Chat is active; but running on the background, your incoming audio will not be played automatically. This is expected behavior; and if you want to go around it, you must enable Background mode. To do so, go to Settings > Messages and select Background mode.

We recommend you to enhance Walky-Talky by choosing one of the following options:

use Speaker mode (play through device speakerphone mode, like a true walkie-talkie)

To apply walkie-talkie in speakerphone mode, go to Settings > Messages and select Speaker mode.

Play Walky-Talky on a Bluetooth headset

This is the alternative to play you audio clips. If you have a Bluetooth hands-free headset, pair it with you device, turn it on and enable the option in Secure Chat.

To enable Bluetooth mode, go to Settings > Messages and select Use Bluetooth headset.

When you turn off the Bluetooth headset (using its physical button), your audio will be played on device speaker again.

Play Walky-Talky on a headset

This is a plug-and-play thing, no gimmicks involved with this option. Just plug in your headset cable in the audio port of your mobile.

Updated on October 13, 2017

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